South Point Community church

South Point’s mission statement:

Connecting people to Jesus.

Our strategy to accomplish our mission statement: Worship. Serve. Teach.

Worship: We do world-class live worship experiences.

  1. Our goal is to maintain pristine buildings and grounds.
  2. Our goal is to provide an over-the-top greeter experience.
  3. Our goal is to produce high quality media and a high quality online presence.
  4. Our goal is to produce premium music.
  5. Our goal is to produce superb sermons.
  6. Our goal is that our church family worships together on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.

Verses: Eph 5:17-20; Rom 15:5,6; Psa 35:18; Psa 57:9a; Psa 98:1; Psa 149:1; Psa 95:1-6

Serve: We are a church family for our community.

  1. Our goal is for our church family to serve each other.
  2. Our goal is to serve the community.
  3. Our goal is to serve missionaries.
  4. Our goal for our South Point team is to attend one and serve one.
  5. Our goal is that everyone who serves will arrive to their scheduled post 15 minutes before it begins.

Verses: I Pet 4:8-10; Gal 5:13; Joh 13:8, 14,15; Mar 10:43-45

Teach: We train future Christian leaders.

  1. Our goal is to have a first-class nursery, children’s program, and teen program.
  2. Our goal is to produce top-quality teaching and preaching.
  3. Our goal is that the overall feel of every lesson will be positive, uplifting, and encouraging.
  4. Our goal is for every preacher and teacher to pray for those they speak to at least once a week.
  5. Our goal is that Scripture will be the strong foundation of every lesson and sermon taught to all ages.
  6. Our goal is to teach the lost about Jesus.

Verses: Mat 5:19; 2 Tim 3:15-17; Mat 28:17-20

South Point Community Church

150 W. Anderson Street, Crown Point, IN 46307 | (219) 779-8071